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'Étude de Volubilis' par G. Lebart. Printed by Berlin & Cie, Imp. Lecoq & Mathorel, Paris
Source -‘Album de la Décoration’
Image and text courtesy NYPL Digital Gallery

08540001 by parramitta on Flickr.

Secretariat, for flyingwithhorses. 

Violets, sweet violets (detail).1906. John William Godward

Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers, France.


: ) by ole:) on Flickr.

This has always been one of my favorite pictures on tumblr.

I on We Heart It.
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I went to a boutique yesterday and I was browsing through these dresses. And I saw one I liked and looked at the label to check its size and ‘style’. It’s ‘style’ was 1960s. I looked through some more and found another I liked. It’s style was 1960s. And another dress I found that I liked… ‘style’: 1960s.

I knew I liked the 1960s! So it’s not all yammer yammer. It’s actuality too!

Funny how I didn’t pick up a dress that was anything but the 1960s fashion, ha!

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Image taken from page 6 of ‘Pansies for Thoughts, culled from the garden of literature. [With coloured illustrations.]’ by The British Library on Flickr.