(this is a really really sloppy version of my wannabe gif. Ended up using an online program instead of photoshop because I have no clue how to do it. MEHEHEMEHEHKHEKEKHE. taken at school…. i bet it was a Thursday because I only ever got to see this view on a Thursday. I think)
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"Did not want any promises, just my undivided honesty." > Dismantle. Repair > Anberlin

(A.V. & more)
365DAYSPROJECT 86 by MrPigman
safer.and.secret by poorchiggies
A second before the rain by ~Christine-Muraton
Surrender by =LeslieAnnODell
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dark rituals by ~mala-lesbia
mind over matter ii. by ~deepinswim
kaleidoscopic heart iii. by ~deepinswim
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Autumn Sore by *NataliaDrepina
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winter evening sun by ~huhahohi
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solitude by ~EzoRenier
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It was cold, winter morning. by ~mala-lesbia
.Zapomniane przez czas. by ~cichutko